A New Compost Bin!

So I’ve been digging slowly and removing all the grass and I have filled up my compost bin after having done about a quarter of my first bed

I scoured the internet for a new compost bin and brought one online from Primrose.co.uk. I’m please with it it arrived flatpacked! and was very easy to put together:

I have worked out that it is three times bigger than my existing bin. This means that it should take all the grass I dig out of the rest of my bed. It was rather expensive though at £35.99 plus p&p

I was talking to the other men on the allotment while I was waiting for my compost bin to be delivered and they told me I should build a compost bin out of old pallets. Pity I didn’t ask the before buying this.

I am a bit worried as this is the first of four beds on my allotment so I am concerned that I will not have any compost space for when I dig my future beds. I don’t know how long will take for the compost to rot down.

Any advice would be gratefully received

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